First Call Advisors
Unique Fee Structure
Unique fee structure – pay only for what you need.  Our "On Call" approach is designed to
provide you with the most cost effective support.  We charge no fixed fees, project fees, or
monthly minimums.  You pay only for the actual time incurred, on a per hour, totally variable
basis.  Thus if you only require a few hours support, you will only be charged for a few hours

Of course, the nature of the support you need will determine how much time, if any, is needed
for us to be fully up to speed on your particular situation.   In general, if we are going to be
providing advice about your entire business (as opposed to helping you answer, for example, a
specific valuation or post merger integration question) we normally suggest 1-2 days of "start up
time."  However this is not required and in some cases clients find that we can provide very
targeted support to them even without it.  We will discuss with you the pros and cons of whether
a start up period is appropriate.   Clients typically find that they are getting valuable advice even
during the start up period.

Availability and quick response.  We carefully manage our advisory workload so that we will
be available for you when you need us.  In most cases, we will be responding to your requests
within 24 hours, and very often the same day.  You do not have to pay any retainer to receive
this "On Call" response.    

Equity arrangements.  In certain cases, we will work on a reduced hourly fee in exchange for
equity.  Rarely will we consider all equity arrangements.

Estimates.  We can provide you with estimates of how much of our time might be required for
certain typical support roles (e.g. preparing a business plan summary for raising funds,
providing full support for a post merger integration,  serving as an specialty advisor in an M&A
transaction or for an integration, identifying potential synergies or merger best practices).

The net result is that you can get quality consulting and support services for a fraction of what
many other firms charge.   Most of our work is conducted remotely, as opposed to on site, so
there is no need to provide us workspace and support services, nor is your time management
affected by when your advisor happens to be available.  
First Call Advisors