First Call Advisors
What is an Advisor On Call?
An Advisor On Call is someone you can call on anytime for help with your business problem.  First Call On
Call Advisors are all seasoned, business executives that have also served in advisory capacities, so they not
only have real world experience to draw upon, but they can communicate it to you quickly and succinctly.  

On call business advisory arrangements can be made for one person in your organization or for multiple
individuals.  Once you have established a relationship with one of our On Call Advisors, he or she will be
available to help you with your business problems, be they major ones (such as undertaking a new strategy)
or more specific ones (such as dealing with a particular issue).  Over time, you can choose to share more
information with your On Call Advisor, such as including them on select distribution lists, or providing copies
of some documents.  The more information your advisor has, the better they can assist you.  However, the
level of information you provide is totally up to you, and of course all data is kept in strict confidence.

Why would you want an Advisor On Call?  

  • You want access to senior, experienced advice, but do not have the time, or want to spend the money,
    to hire a large, expensive consulting firm just to get access to their senior partners.

  • You have good people in your organization, but you want to be able to bounce ideas off someone
    independent -- someone who will not 'read into' where you might be going.

  • You want to gain access to the best practices of other industries.

  • You have elevated one of your high potentials to a new position, and feel that he or she would benefit
    from a mentor, but you cannot perform the role yourself, either because you do not have the time to
    do the role justice, or because it may be perceived incorrectly by the organization.

  • You want someone to help you "check your logic" on difficult decisions, without appearing indecisive to
    your organization.

  • You want to get the many ancillary benefits that a world class consulting firm usually provides during
    the course of an engagement (e.g. helping you resolving day to day issues, assessing the quality of
    internally produced analyses) even when you do not have an engagement underway.  Or perhaps
    your organization is not large enough to afford the $1 million plus for a basic project from a large
    consulting firm or business advisor.


Fees for an Advisor On Call are negotiable depending on the extent and duration of contact expected and
the number of people in your organization that will be clients.  The typical approach is to begin with a
relatively short (3 month) trial arrangement, and then adjust accordingly depending on usage.  Fee
arrangements can be based on retainer, or on a totally variable basis -- you pay only for what you use.  On
call advisory services can be combined with other support to reduce your overall fees. For example, if we are
engaged to help you in an acquisition or a post merger management effort, our advisor will be available to
you on call for other issues as well.
First Call Advisors